Pressed  flowers/greenery  are  packaged  with  the  utmost  care.
They  are  placed  between  sheets  of  white  paper ; then  inserted  into  a  plastic or  paper  envelope  and  closed  off.  The envelope  is  placed between  two  layers  of  heavy  cardboard  and  held  together  with tape.  The  lot  is  shipped  in  a  manila  envelope.

Artwork is snugly packaged between 1" styrofoam sheets covering all sides, and held together with tape to prevent any movement.  It is then wrapped in brown wrapping paper. Smaller artwork will be packaged in boxes.

Jewelry comes in a solid black vinyl case enclosed in a white box with matching cover.


1.  Upon  receipt  of  payment  your  order  will  be  shipped  on  the        next  business  day  via  Canada  Post.  Most  orders  should  be        received  within  5 - 8  business  days.

2.  Costs  in  US dollars ( not including gallery and jewelry items ) :

Number  of  items     Can.order     US order       Inter.order

      up  to  250 items         $ 4.00                $ 5.00            $  8.00
      251  to  400  items      $ 4.50                $ 6.00            $11.50

    If  ordering  more  than  400  items, artwork or jewelry, other                costs  and  different  packaging  may  apply.  Email for  details.

3.  Expediated shipping is available upon request.

4.  If  you  are  not  satisfied  with  your  order, please  return                     within  30  days  of  sales  invoice  date  for  a credit ( valid for 1         year ) or a refund ( order  minus  initial  shipping  cost ).

5.  If order is lost in shipping, a credit ( valid for 1 year ) will be                 issued after 2 months of shipping date.

6.   If order arrives damaged, please email picture. A credit ( valid           for 1 year ) will be issued for the damaged items only.

7.  We are not responsible for any duties, fees, or additional                    charges that may be incurred on international orders. No credit           nor refund will be issued.